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Slate & Marble

These decorative wall fountains are a wonderful addition to any home. Indoor or out* you can mount your fountain anywhere for the soothing sound of running water as well as a wonderful piece of art on your wall. Each stone panel is individually cut in India and naturally ingrained with fossilized tree roots so no two stones are the same. You can select to mount your fountain on stainless steel or copper mounts and you have multiple option in style of stone - although you have to keep in mind that you won't know exactly what it looks like until it is delivered! It just adds to the mystery and intrigue of your beautiful new wall fountain!

*In order to mount outdoors the fountain would need to be taken down each winter and remounted in the spring. We can arrange for this to be done for you for a small fee or there are detailed instruction on assembly provided with your fountain. If you have any questions please call us at 905-849-6338

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