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Marty Goldstein

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Marty GoldsteinMarty Goldstein spent his childhood in San Diego, CA with one brother and two Irish Setters.  A love affair began at that time with the two real puppies and all kinds of stuffed animals.  This is really where our story begins.

Many years later after retirement from the rigors of corporate life, he rediscovered his passion for art and was persuaded by his wife, Barbara, to take sculpting classes at the local art center.  After a number of classes stressing the human form he realized that there were many artists turning out wonderful works of art; mostly of the human form.  Marty decided to create  something different and that is when the idea of whimsical dogs and other animals came into being.

The beginning of a series of whimsical "Harvey Dogs" was begun in 1995 and has blossomed into a collection of 130 limited edition bronzes.  While in the process of sculpting these pups, only those that make Marty smile will be eventually be cast in bronze using the lost wax process.  He reasons that if, while sculpting, he smiles during this creative process, it is possible that others will likewise enjoy these animals and maybe even start each day with a smile or chuckle.

He knows that kids love them.  Renown Hospital in Reno has a number of "Harvey Dogs" on permanent display in their new pediatric cancer ward.  Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara will be installing a large piece in their park like setting of their new hospital.

The FDR library and museum have a replica of President Roosevelt's loving dog Fala.  

"Harvey Dogs" have found  homes throughout the United States, Canada, in Europe and Asia.  Dogs are here to stay says Marty.  I am here to create the real and the whimsy  in dogs for the pleasure of anyone who enjoys "Man's Best Friend".

See Marty's Work