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Nano Lopez

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Nano Lopez Bronze SculptorNano Lopez is an artist gifted with the rare ability to see the world as a child sees it, with exploration, wonder, and creativity. He is deeply fascinated by the sometimes troubling mysteries of life and its inherent struggles.

Look closely at Nano's sculpture and you will discover the bright colors of a Colombian market place, animals precariously laden with pots, fruits, vegetables, birds, bees, geckos, Pre-Columbian and contemporary artifacts. Look closer still and discover a deep respect for life, clearly observed, where everything, even a mischievous goat balanced on a pile of cast away tires is amazing.

For Nano, the entire sculpting process begins with his initial conceptual sketches.
He then creates a small working model in clay. Following that, he will then sculpt the piece actual size.

In his artistic process, Nano integrates organic textures and human-made objects into his
bronzes to create pieces of art that reflect the same depth and richness he sees in the world around him.

The sculptures unique elements become part ofthe final piece in several ways. They may be embedded, applied to the surface, or even indented in the actual clay.

See Nano's Work